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I keep screwing up ^^;

2012-09-03 00:26:12 by SXR123

So hey, I realize that it's already september and I STILL haven't released part 1 of the movie... and I apologize! Really, I do! I've been caught up in a lot of stuff recently and it kind of upsets me how I keep promising you guys month after month that the movie's going to be released, so I promise I will finish this soon. you will enjoy it and await part two! which is actually 30% complete!

I can't let this go on any longer than it needs to be.

I leave you with picture!

I keep screwing up ^^;

Greetings everyone! It is I, SXR! Here to bring you the latest news on the flash movie Sonic the hedgehog: Two Worlds Collide!

Part 1 of the movie is nearly complete I just have to touch up a few things and it'll be nice!! Expect it mid july! Second, the trailer has been updated with a new metal sonic! Along with a few other things...

Part two's release is still unknown, but it's getting there! anyways, SXR out! :D

Greetings people of newgrounds! I'm happy to be apart of your great community!

I myself am a sprite animator, now I know you all aren't to fond of them, usually because sometimes, spriters can get lazy, I can assure you that this won't happen with me! The name of this post is a prototype name for a long sprite video that is currently in production, a scene of said movie is on newgrounds currently!

this, and two other flashes are going to be the last of my spriting flashes, as I plan to move on to bigger and better things! 2D and 3D animations.

I hope you enjoy my big production!

First news post

2011-08-26 20:35:58 by SXR123

well this is my first news post guys! I've got about 28 fans now and I'm happy! most of them brought by my sonic vs goku sprite fight! well I'll let you know this. It's going to be a trilogy. You're going to enjoy the third one most probably.

I guess I can keep you all Entertained with whatever I got planned. I've got some big plans to!

Goku vs Sonic 2: Into Sonic's dimension

Goku vs Sonic 3: The creator

And finally a Big movie that is still in development. I'm sure you'll all enjoy it.