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Entry #4

I keep screwing up ^^;

2012-09-03 00:26:12 by SXR123

So hey, I realize that it's already september and I STILL haven't released part 1 of the movie... and I apologize! Really, I do! I've been caught up in a lot of stuff recently and it kind of upsets me how I keep promising you guys month after month that the movie's going to be released, so I promise I will finish this soon. you will enjoy it and await part two! which is actually 30% complete!

I can't let this go on any longer than it needs to be.

I leave you with picture!

I keep screwing up ^^;


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2012-09-03 02:14:35

Can`t wait to see! I`m sure i`ll be awesome.


2012-09-03 12:27:28

looks pretty original

SXR123 responds:

never said it was. I know it's as cliche as it comes.


2012-09-03 17:30:57

Looks like a great series.


2012-09-04 09:16:26

Can´t wait to see Vegeta kicking Shadow´s ass

SXR123 responds:

sorry to say you're going to be disappointed.


2012-09-05 20:12:11

Originality or not! I have to say this video is one I am actually looking forward too. From what I have seen with the trailer and your other works. This clearly has a ton of potential! I look forward to the release!


2013-03-03 04:15:31

The project have really looked ambitious, I encourage you dude ;)


2013-05-25 20:12:14

I wonder why Tails is at the back and not with the characters, it's probably because of his usual role ?...
Aside that, I like this picture, and the porject does seem ambicious (did I spelled it right?), but interesting too. I wonder what kind of fights we'll see too, looking forward to this :D